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About Tollmark Address Lights
Our Mission:
We believe every home needs a highly visible address number. Our mission is to design and create affordable, reliable and stylish address light fixtures that increase the safety and security of people in their homes.

My name is Marta Tollerup, president of Tollmark Corporation (dba Tollmark Address Lights). Tollmark Products Corporation was organized as a California corporation in 1984.  Our goal was, and still is today, to create products that actually make a difference in peoples lives.
We make our address lights so they’re easy to read from a distance, durable so they last, stylish so they look great and reliable so you can depend on them.  It is our continuing goal to help each of our customers find the right Tollmark Address Light for them. 

The company has gone through some great changes over the years including a new name and reincorporation in the state of Arizona. The company now operates out of the little mountain town of Prescott, Arizona.

Originally we sold our illuminated addresses direct to builders and through a few select lighting sub-contractor dealers in California and Nevada.  We still sell most of our lights for installation on new construction but more and more we are selling direct to homeowners.  This is one reason for making this website available.  We now sell all over the United States, from Alaska to Florida, California to Maine.

Over the years we have continued to redesign our address lights so they last longer and function better.  And of course we always want them to look great. As new technologies develop and old ones are improved we will incorporate them into our address fixtures.  We only manufacture address lights and we want them to be the best available.

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