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What do your address lights cost?
Call our office and we’ll fax or email you a Builder Price List. Contact Us

What other builders use your address lights?
Many big name builders use our lights on their projects. These include Del Webb, Pulte Homes, KB Homes, Shea Homes, Standard Pacific Homes, William Lyon Homes, Presley Homes and many others both large and small.

Do you charge for shipping?
Yes. We include shipping charges on your invoice. These are based on what we are charged for UPS Ground Service. UPS 2nd Day and Next Day Air are charged accordingly.

Do you add sales tax?
We do collect sales tax in Arizona and California. If you are buying our product for resale purposes and we will be shipping your address lights to the above states please provide us with a completed resale certificate to avoid having sales tax added to your invoice. We have forms if you need them. Contact Us

Do you give price discounts on large orders?
If you order 100 units or more to be delivered at one time we will send you a bid with a discounted price.

Product Specifications

Spec Sheet PDF Form

What materials do you use to manufacture your address lights?
Housings have a front piece and back plate. Housing fronts are powder-coated paint-loc steel. Back plates are aluminum powder-coated gloss white to act as a light reflector. Number panels are made from non-yellowing white translucent acrylic laminated with commercial grade exterior signage vinyl.     

What are your numbers made of?
Number panels are made from non-yellowing white translucent acrylic laminated with computer cut commercial grade exterior signage vinyl characters applied by us.

What kind of bulbs do your address lights use?  Do you include them?
Yes bulbs are pre-installed for you in each address light. Large units including 6 inch character units come with (4) 193 wedge-based incandescent bulbs. The small units come with (2) 655 wedge-based incandescent bulbs.

Do you include a transformer with your address lights?
No. Have your electrical contractor provide a doorbell transformer of 12, 14 or 16 vac, 8 watt minimum capacity.

What kind of transformer do I need to power your address lights?
A standard 12, 14 or 16 vac doorbell transformer, rated for an 8 watt minimum capacity should be used.

Do I have to apply the address numbers?
No. Unless you order your lights without numbers we always custom apply them for you.  We just need a sequence sheet listing the addresses you need.

Why don’t you use a photo-eye (photoelectric sensor) to switch the address light on at night and off during the day?
Adding a photo-eye would raise the cost of the product and adds another piece of circuitry that could fail. Also, annual electrical cost differences are minimal.

What if we are required to have all exterior lighting automatically turned off during daylight hours?
You can hook the address light’s transformer wiring into the same photo-eye controlled circuit as other exterior fixtures.  Or if you have a 12 volt landscape lighting system and there are at least 8 watts of capacity still available you can hook the address light into it.

What if the addresses we need have letters or dashes in them?
No problem. As long as the total number of characters needed, including spaces, does not exceed (7) in the 4 inch numbered units or (6) in the 6 inch numbered units we can make them.

What if my space is limited?  Can you make vertical numbers?
Yes, but the more characters needed the smaller in height they get. Each character in a 3 digit address will be 4 inches tall, but a 4 digit address will have characters under 3 inches in height. This may not meet your local ordinances. We also charge a $3.00 surcharge per vertical unit.


Builder Installation Instructions PDF

Do you provide installation services?
No. We are a manufacturer only.

What kind of transformer do I need to power your address lights?
A standard 12, 14 or 16 vac doorbell transformer, 8 watt minimum draw is needed. Do not exceed the maximum voltage of 16 vac.

Do your address lights come with bulbs?
Yes. They are pre-installed by us.

Do your address lights come with a transformer?
No. For new construction you will need to have your electrician provide doorbell type transformers. This will cost you less than if we supply them. We do carry a 14 vac plug-in type transformer for retrofitting existing construction. We can provide these at an additional cost.

Do your address lights come with mounting hardware?
No. Because the surface where our lights will be mounted varies we leave the mounting hardware up to you. Whatever type of hardware you choose make the screws a ½ inch longer than normal to span the hollow space between the back plate and the wall.

Can I recess your address lights into a wall?
You can if they are just sitting in the opening.  They are made for surface mounting. The screws that join the housing front and back plates are on the ends and must be accessible for maintenance and proper installation.

Can we modify your address lights so they can handle higher voltages?
No. Our lights can use a maximum of 16 vac ONLY!

Placing an Order

How to Order PDF Form

Once we setup an account with you how do we place an order?
You can fax or email your orders in.  Ask us for confirmation and we will verify we received the order. You can also call us and place an order over the phone. Contact Us

What is your minimum order requirement?
There is no minimum order.

We are developing a large master planned community with over 10,000 homes to be built over the next 10 to 15 years.  Can you provide address lights for our project?
Yes. We routinely fill orders of 100 units or more. We also handle orders, as needed, for models and phases.

What is your lead time?
We request you give us a 4 week lead time. We try to keep our most popular housing finishes in stock.  If you order one of these finishes we can usually ship the order in 7 to 10 business days.

What product options do you have?
We have many options including different housing styles, sizes and finishes. We also have options for the number panels including two fonts and two lighting choices. Most of our units hold 4 inch characters, but we have a special address light that holds 6 inch characters. Our printable form How to Order has every option listed.

What finish options do you offer?
The housings come in Hammered Brass, Pewter, Old Bronze, White, Brown and Black. The signage vinyl used to create the number panels comes in Black and Brown.


How will we get our address lights?
We use UPS Ground to ship your order unless you need something faster. Shipping charges are added to your invoice.

Can we have the address lights delivered to a construction trailer?
We discourage this because of the frequency of getting the shipment back as undeliverable. We suggest using an established address such as your business office, model sales office or your superintendent’s home address.


Do you take credit cards?
Yes, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Can we pay COD or prepay?
Yes. We do charge you a fee for COD orders because UPS charges us. At this time COD charges are $9.00. You must have a check made out to Tollmark Address Lights for the exact amount and someone must receive the shipment and hand over the check. UPS will not take cash. We gladly accept prepayments.

What do I need to do to open an account?
Call us and we will fax or email you a credit application. Contact Us
It takes about two weeks once we have your completed form to verify your credit and establish an account for you.

Replacement Parts and Warranties

Warranty PDF Form

What kind of bulbs do your address lights use?
The large units including the 6 inch character units come with (4) 193 wedge-based incandescent bulbs. The small units come with (2) 655 wedge-based incandescent bulbs.

Do your address lights come with bulbs?
Yes. They are pre-installed by us.

How will my homebuyers maintain their address lights?
Your customers can get all replacement parts direct from us. If they have a faulty          transformer not supplied by us they can get a replacement at most hardware stores or electrical suppliers.

Ordinances and Address Number Height Requirements

I just found out the city I am building in requires “internally illuminated addresses.” Do your address lights meet the requirements?
Yes under most circumstances. Our lights meet local ordinances in the following counties:  Clark County, Nevada (Las Vegas Area) San Bernardino County, California and the following California cities and towns: Irvine, Orange, Fontana, Corona, Escondido (plus others who have recently passed or are considering address light ordinances).
How tall are the numbers in your address lights?
We have lights with 4 and 6 inch characters.

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