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What Homeowners Say

T. Mishken
Lake Forest, California

Our Tollmark Address Light makes the house look nice, kept up and lived in. I used to worry at night about emergency vehicles being able to find the address. Now it is much better.

E. Hall
Highland, California

I’m elderly and do not see well. I usually can’t see house addresses from the street, but I can see a Tollmark Address Light because it’s lighted. Our homeowners association thinks so highly of Tollmark Address Lights that it is one of the few address lights accepted in our tract.  It’s easy to read day or night.

E. Malesky
Montclair, California

Our Tollmark Address Light is neat, clean and easy to read.

J. Cadilli
Chino, California

Tollmark Address Lights give our complex a very clean, uniform appearance. Plus they provide accurate easy to see unit identification.

R. Curtis
Lake Forest, California

A Tollmark Address Light would be easy to read in an emergency. My wife does childcare and it’s required to have addresses you can read for emergencies. Our Tollmark Address Light works great!

C. Rutan
Ventura, California

I love Tollmark Address Lights. When I worked in law enforcement I could never find addresses at night so this is a great idea for police, fire, etc. 


What Professionals Say

D. Johnson, Fire Captain
Fontana, California

At nighttime, mailboxes, curb numbers and standard home addresses are not the solution.  They are just too difficult to read. There is nothing better than illuminated addresses.  There’s absolutely nothing better at nighttime. 

B. Burrows, Fire Captain
Monterey Park, California

It’s a real problem finding addresses after dark. Naturally, an address that’s lit is going to attract our attention.  It’s just as important, if not more so in condo and apartment complexes because there are so many units close together. Address lights can certainly be helpful in locating a house or apartment after dark.

J. Cochran, Law Enforcement Officer
Chino, California

I’m a law enforcement officer by trade and I know the importance of visible address numbers. Tollmark Address Lights are excellent and in emergency situations it can be life saving.

P. Hickman, Fire Engineer
Prescott, Arizona

In our town we spend a lot of time looking for addresses at night. During the daytime, finding an address is tough enough, so you can imagine what it’s like to find an address at night. When a call comes in, we can get to the area quickly but then we have to slow down and start looking for addresses on houses, mailboxes or curbs. You never know what you’re going to find. I would like to see illuminated addresses become mandatory because it would make our job much easier. But, most of all it could save lives. During an EMS call, 30 seconds count. Illuminated addresses could make the difference.


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